Sunday, January 27, 2013

I have shifted to myfirstjoy.wordpress.com :)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It is a wednesday morning and i am up early to do my Arenes SDL worksheet. Apparently java doesn't want to work with me so i guess i'll just copy from my friends when i reach school. School's fine this week, and i am getting more sleep ( yay!!!! ) But i've been kinda cranky when i'm home because my focus was to get my work done and refuse to talk much to my family. BAD ME.

'Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble'
Hope i'll be able to pass these small pebbles right now, look back after i crossed the mountain and know that i have not make the wrong decisions :) Then again, it's human nature to make mistakes so............. (fingers crossed)

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Ok i can't upload any pictures because blogger refuse to cooperate but nvm haha yay it's an awesome friday evening!! Before this i found some pictures during my primary school days. omg hilarious hahahaha it brings great joy when you dig out 'hidden treasures' from your past unexpectedly (happy stuffs i mean)
First gp tuition today! Finally i have a non-chinese tutor!! Mr Munshi's an indian and he's really nice. Got lost again, similar to sec 3 when i was stranded in Tiong Bahru (foreign place to me on Singapore island back then). My tutor had to call and direct me the way. So ps!!! I had the thought of turning back and making my way home initially when i was lost haha luckily i didn't back out in the end. The devil inside me had lost.
Btw, on my way back home, i had this random thought. Don't you all think that the invention of the ezlink card gantry in MRT train stations is so cool??? It's such a smart and creative innovation. Even though there are so many commuters in the station, everything is so orderly and efficient. All thanks to the inventer :)
2 weeks of school and it's hectic.Yet, my heart's full of gratitude as when things get tougher, i rely more on God's strength to go through each day. I'll never have that mental toughness, perseverance, determination and focus if i don't pray or look up to God more. In fact, school have been much more joyful and i experienced so much more inner peace. Thank God i love you so!!!!
And Malcolm, i know you're reading this. omg ahhhh haha i don't know what to say

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Yay Phobos!!!!!!! so proud of each and everyone who have participated and planned the open house. I think it was great, but sadly alot of my juniors are going NYJC why!!!! Nonetheless, i am so delighted to have joined the mass dance, survived the long practices, muscle aches etc etc. This is up-to-date my 2nd dance performance in my 17.5 years of life whoo and i am so thankful to be inside such a wonderful team, with Kristle and JiaJun who organised everything :)

Though it was not our best performance, it doesn't matter. For we have seen for ourselves what we are capable of doing. Super synchronised during the rehearsals!!!! yay happy is such an understatement of what i felt on friday, but i can't think of another word now haha my vocabulary is so bad (ps i am going to start gp tuition this friday!!!! looking forward, yet not really)

Back at home now to do chemistry before going back school for squash. Really hope that coach don't pms and ruin a beautiful monday. Ice cream by Ms Lai for our effort for open house today!! Potong ice cream sadly ):

Great catch up with Yushui on friday night! Satisfied my Just Acia's craving yum yum. Don't be sad about your results anymore!!! It's okay :) And now i have many more cravings on my list. Manhattan pepper lunch food for thought yong tau foo macs pancakes kfc rice platter............. and the list goes on

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Woke up with really swollen eyes and a very strained throat. Didn't expect myself to be so affected by restructuring in my lg. I guess i was so down because we are gonna get splitted up and we just got much closer so............................... ):

Anyway, happy 2013!! Filled with excitement and anticipations for the year ahead :)
Btw, i was reminded why my url was called 'myfirstjoy' yesterday during unit meet, when we sang the song. It was part of a lyrics that goes like this:
My first love, forever you will be
My first breath, you're the life in me
My first joy, the world can never take from me
My covenant, with you
Yup, wanted to have child-like faith way back when i was a sec 2. My friend thought why i made myself sound like i was just born (grrr).
On the happier note, i met germs last night and i'm meeting Liqin for lunch later (whooooo!!!) Can't express how excited i am to meet them :)

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last one week or so before school starts. omgosh ahhh no, but it's gonna be quite cool because there will only be J2s in the school. YAY CAN'T WAIT TO BE CALLED A J2!!!! That was my dream when i was young. Makes you feel so smart and mature :)
But i am struggling so much with my studies!! I reached a stage where i want to complete my assignments but i don't know how to. It's so worrying. How am i gonna take my As next year??
On the happier note, this week is voted as the best week of the holidays! Really enjoyed myself and laughed so so much. Be it with the youth alumni (look down),
or my lg (look down again)
Or my family, they are really people i thank God for.
Went to Pepperoni for thank-you-dinner with the YA on thursday and it was so nice!!!! We ordered two XL pizzas, with 4 flavours, and one pizza was the size of a............ ok i can't think of any comparable object, but it was damn huge! One costs 50 bucks, and we still had a dessert each. Tiramisu, gelato etc etc with a few jugs of ice lemon tea & lime juice. We didn't know how much the meal adds up or who was the one paying for it, but it was a really sumptuous meal with nice ambience and great chat w my fellow excos :)
Btw, Xinhao and i are under publicity!!! In future when we invite you guys for CNY celebration or batch dinner, please come ok!! Drag your friends down too hehe.
Of course, my lg are the ones who made me laugh like mad too. We had lg @ Weiyeat's condo last friday, seating by the poolside. Sadly Jamie couldn't make it but the activites were so memorable. We shared our 2012 moments and made our 2013 resolutions, took pictures to make a collage to remind ourselves and keep one another accountable (i'll post it after it's done, gonna be nice!) and ate dinz @ Xinwang. Our whatsapp group's name changed from 'Beauties and the Beast' to 'Circle of trust' cos we were sharing secrets HAHA i don't look forward to restructuring because our lg is going to split!!!! (mega sad face). For now, i'm gonna cherish the times with them :)
Ok i am going back to do my GP homework. Jess is gonna make cheesy baked pasta with Chrystal and JunKiat soon, shall kop some of it :)

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

There’s hell in hello and there’s good in goodbye. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of goodbye but careful with the hello.

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